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Steve Jones

“My classes focus on mindful movement and breath, With an emphasis on proper technique and alignment, I will guide you safely through a sequence of postures, while reminding you to breathe deep and listen intently to your body for guidance. Each class is a very personal journey into self awareness and meditation.”

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About Me:

Steve was born and raised in England. Although unknown to him at the time, Steve’s first introduction to yoga was when he took a Vipassana meditation course at a Thai Buddhist temple. About 6 months later he walked into his first yoga class and was instantly hooked. During this class he discovered that he could calm and quiet his busy mind while observing his breath just as he did in the temple.
He wanted to share what he had learned so he made his way to India and spent a year practicing, studying and training to teach. He has been teaching and living in the Venice/Santa Monica area for the past 20 years.

  • 500 hour register Yoga Teacher
  • Teaches full time in the Los Angeles Area
  • Trained in both the States and in India
  • Teaches in Venice at The Yoga Collective

 Q&A with Steve Jones:

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