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“Talia teaches and electric vinyasa flow infused with breath work, balance and inversions. Her backbends are uncanny and her ability to teach them to anyone, even more so.”

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About Me:

Born in Israel and raised in New York, Talia was introduced to yoga and meditation at the early age of 6, when her mom used these practices to beat lymphoma.

Talia went on to spend years studying under master yoga instructors; to boot, her impeccable understanding of lines and form stem from her classical ballet training as well as years of deep observation of physical forms in her Fine Arts studies.

Talia is an artist, teacher, speaker- a modern yogi, who lives the practice and uplifts tens of thousands of followers daily through her Instagram account. She strives for balance and incorporates the timeless teachings of the eight limbs of yoga into her daily life and believes that with a joyful heart and an open mind, anything and everything is possible. A life-long vegetarian and animal lover, she has a reverence for the interconnectedness of all beings.

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