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Tony Giuliano

“My classes are physically challenging and spiritually inspired. Be prepared to move your body in dynamic flow with thoughtful, strong sequencing while enjoying a practice that is textured with yoga philosophy, and of course, breath.”

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About Me:

Tony G, an East Coast native of Italian roots, took to heart his parent’s advice to be a “renaissance man.” From a young age, he was encouraged to explore his creativity and to follow his heart.
In high school Tony began his journey into self-expression with painting and the visual arts, later on moving into music and songwriting to eventually finding a deep passion for meditation and yoga. At 16 his love for spiritual practices was ignited when his uncle gave him books on Kundalini Yoga and on Native American mythology. In 2011 Tony was offered an amazing opportunity to open a Yoga studio called the Raven a beautiful sanctuary located in Los Angeles (Silver Lake). He leads teacher trainings, workshops, and retreats locally and worldwide.

  • 500 hour registered Yoga Teacher
  • Leads Retreats and Workshops Worldwide
  • Leads Teacher Trainings in Los Angeles
  • Owns his own yoga studio in LA called The Raven

 Q&A with Tony G.:

Free Sample Videos

Remembrance Practice

Surfing the Waves

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