February 21, 2023 by Guest Blogger

The 6 best yoga poses to relieve your body from back pain include postures like Downward Facing Dog, Sphinx Pose & Bridge Pose.

Yoga originated in India as an ancient practice for elevating the human life ‘chakra’ starting from the end of your spine. Yoga aims to promote both the physical and mental well-being of a human. The physical aspects include several exercises or positions known as ‘asanas,’ while the mental health includes silent meditation, better known as ‘pranayama.’ 

When dealing with back pain, the benefits of doing yoga are innumerable compared to any other form of exercise or gyming. It doesn’t only relieve the pain but also helps maintain the stress level that goes with it.

When dealing with back pain, there are a few effective yoga poses that will help you in no time and would benefit you in the long run. Pursuing yoga for a healthy lifestyle is the best thing possible. It enables you to build body strength, awareness of your surroundings, and harmony between your physical and mental state. 

Types of yoga pose that helps you to relieve back pain 

Back pain can be very painful if not taken care of immediately; with time, it causes serious health issues which last for a long time. So here are 6 yoga poses that help you to deal with back pain: – 

  1. Downward-Facing Dog

This is one one the older poses that help you to bend your back in a forward direction, helping you relieve pain and relax your back muscles and sciatica nerves in the process. It helps maintain your body balance and improves your body strength in the process. It enables movement in your hamstring muscles along with triceps and quadriceps. Improve Mind-Body Connection with Yoga pose downward-facing dog, which is one of the best for back pains.  

  1. Sphinx Pose 

This seemingly easy and gentle pose helps your spine and bottom by simply stretching your chest, abdomen, and shoulders by bending your back backward. This pose relieves pressure from your back and strengthens your pectoral muscles and erector muscles.

  1. Bridge Pose

This inverse back bending posture stimulates a restoration effect that helps maintain back pain and intense headaches. In this pose, you lay on your back, stretch your back as much as possible, and make an arch shape with your back. This posture helps relieve the stress and stiffness of your back and spine. 

  1. Half  Lord Of  The Fishes

This seems like an exciting pose that lets you twist your upper body sideways while keeping your lower body straight. This pose relieves your spine by turning it sideways, which reduces back pain anytime, enables flexible hip movement, and provides relaxation. This posture is achieved by stretching your neck, shoulders, and hips sideways.

  1. Cat-Cow

This pose is achieved by standing on all fours, lifting your head while dropping your stomach towards the mat, and forming an arch shape with your back. This simple yoga posture enables flexible movement in your neck, shoulder, and abdomen. The training and exercise of your triceps and abdomen muscles help relieve pain much more accessible.

  1. Extended Triangle

This is one of the only standing postures that help in reducing back pain. By standing in a star position, bending your upper body vertically, and touching your mat, you can achieve this pose. This posture helps in maintaining your sciatica and back and neck pains. It applies pressure and enables movement in the spine and hip muscles while strengthening your chest, shoulder, and leg muscles. Any Health Problems Eased by Yoga if you do it correctly and regularly.


Even though yoga is an effective way to relieve back pain, it would be better to inform your trainer about your back pain to avoid mishaps while doing it. If not correctly instructed, twisting and bending in the wrong way can lead to severe pain and dislocation. But that should not be the case which makes you afraid of even trying to go for yoga in case of back pain or any body pain. A proper yoga instructor and poses can bring your body back to its healthy shape.

Written by Jenny Thomas.