April 7, 2021 by Guest Blogger

Bring the Benefits of Trataka into Your Life

Are you a mediation enthusiast who is curious to explore new meditation modalities to find your Zen? A trataka candle meditation experience just might put you into that calm state of mind you’re craving. Candle meditation, or candle gazing, is one of the oldest forms of meditation, and it’s different than many other styles of closed eye meditation practices. Spiritualists and monks have been using this meditation technique for centuries, but what exactly is involved in candle meditation, and what’s so special about it?

We will discover the ins and outs of candle meditation by diving into what it is, the benefits of candle meditation, and how you can meditate using candles at home to wind down after a long day.

What is Candle Light Meditation

Human beings are drawn to fire; if you have ever sat in front of a fireplace on a cold Winter night you will know how hypnotizing watching the flames can be. Candle meditation is a meditation technique called trataka. It was developed to help clear your mind, draw positive and peaceful energy to the third eye and improve memory.

When the mind is full of worry, negative energy can make meditation extremely challenging, even for people that have been meditating for many years. By concentrating on the physical object of the flame dancing while you sit and unwind in your safe place helps you feel grounded and calm, aware and focused, and full of inner peace. When the attention is focused on the flame, everything else fades from awareness, making this a great meditation practice for those with a wandering mind.

Trataka Meditation Benefits

One of the most prominent benefits of trataka is that it helps relieve anxiety. There is however a lot more to candle meditation than you first suspect. Here are some more benefits of trataka:

·        Can alleviate nearsightedness

·         Strengthens the eye muscles

·         Eliminates insomnia  

·         Improves concentration

·         Balances your emotions and mental state

·         You will become more patient

·         Improves your will-power

Yoga enthusiasts are often introduced to the world of meditation through trataka, as it is a yoga technique for your eye muscles and vision, too.

It is common for people to feel lighter after practicing candle meditation, and issues that previously bothered them feel more manageable. You may also feel like you have a great sense of purpose, and life goals and visions become more transparent and feel achievable. This site has excellent information on the benefits of candle gazing.

How to Do Candle Meditation

There aren’t a lot of rules when meditating with a candle, simply sit comfortably and stare at the flame. Let your thoughts and feelings flow naturally, just like the flickers of the tiny candle flame. We have some tips and tricks for successful candle meditation below:

Sit in a dimly lit, quiet room. Watching the flame is important with trataka, so sitting in an appropriate environment with little distractions will make the meditation process smoother.

  Use a scented candle. Engaging as many senses as possible will intensify your experience, and the scent is a brilliant way to do this. Smelling a perfume from 10 years ago will take us right back to a specific event or emotion. Use a candle with a scent appropriate to the feelings you want to release.

 If you have had a long day and find it hard to unwind, sit In the room for a few minutes, and practice calming breathing techniques. Do this before lighting the flame.

Sometimes our minds can wander into negative thoughts such as money troubles, work conflicts, and so on. If this happens, redirect your mind and focus on the candle’s smell and how the candle wax is dripping slowly down the side of the candle. Look at the pool of hot, soft wax at the base of the candle.

Types of Candles to Use for Tratka:

Soy or beeswax candles are best for tratka because they burn longer and are non toxic.

Here are some ideas for different colored candles to use to magnify your intention:

Blue – Creativity, self expression, communication, relaxation, trust

Gold – Abundance, prosperity, wealth, spirituality

Green – Forgiveness, compassion, inspiration, hope, love, freedom, healing

Indigo – Imagination, insight, wisdom, clarity of thought

Orange – Sensuality and sexual energy, friendship, optimism, happiness

Pink – Empathy, loyalty

Red – Courage, strength, vitality, survival, family bonding

Turquoise – Independence, protection, healing

Violet – Commitment, reverence, higher consciousness

White – Purity, clarity, innocence, simplicity, completion

Yellow – Ambition, inner power, self esteem, self respect, self discipline, confidence, courage, generosity.

Once you are comfortable with candle meditation, you can ‘go deeper’ into the meditation. Your peripheral vision will vanish once you achieve this, and you will feel as if you and the candle flame are ‘one’.

By: Heather Jacoby

Heather is a yogi and the founder of The Yogatique, a business that was inspired by her life abroad after seeing the need for a resource that connects yogis around the world with online yoga platforms and online yoga teacher training programs.