Backbends & Core

Shayna Hiller

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Join Shayna for this 30-minute, Level 2 class dedicated to working the core while focusing on backbends, balancing poses, and well-roundedness. A Vinyasa-style class, enjoy an energizing flow that incorporates sun salutations, standing poses, core strengthening, and a nice cool-down.

Shayna notes at the beginning of class that core work and backbends go “hand in hand,” and starts practitioners on their backs. She encourages everyone to take a moment and “get present,” which naturally includes breath work. The breath, Shayna says, is the anchor of any yoga practice. It is also an anchor of life, and makes it easy to instantly attune the self to the present moment. Shayna asks her practitioners to breath deeply enough to flood their bodies with fresh oxygen and rid themselves of stale energy.

Work with Shayna as she moves seamlessly from one yoga position to the next, all while maintaining the breath. Feel energized yet serene once the 30 minutes are up!