Steve Jones

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Backbends are an essential component of yoga, so if looking to work on your technique, Backbody is the perfect class for you. A Level 2, 60-­minute option led by Steve Jones, class focus is on a general sense of well ­roundedness as well as the hamstrings, heart opening, and of course, backbends.

Follow Steve through this Vinyasa­ style class, which will have you stretching and strengthening the hamstrings in order to improve your backbends. An ideal option for days when you want to spend more time on your practice perfecting certain movements, you’ll start in Child’s Pose before learning how to “skillfully” move into backbend postures.

Dedicating time to your practice as often as possible not only strengthens the body, it also helps you work on the connection to your breath, and enjoy an overall sense of peace and tranquility! Allow Steve to show you the correct way to move into backbends whenever you have an hour to spare.