Tony Giuliano

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Move through a series of arm balancing postures in this Level 2/3, 60-­minute class by Tony Giuliano. A class that combines the Vinyasa and Hatha styles and focuses on strength training, arm balances, and alignment, you’ll also work on dharana, or the concentration of the mind in one place.

The sixth of the eight “limbs” of ashtanga yoga, a focus on dharana means entering a new phase of your practice. Considered a higher stage of yoga, dharana isn’t something that’s accomplished overnight, rather it takes continual work to remove external distractions and subsequently “bind the mind” to a specific place. Dharana also prepares you for the next stage of yoga­­ dhyana, or meditation.

Tony uses dharana to make the arm balances in the class “take flight.” You’ll take a few moments throughout the yoga class to stop and focus on your concentration, something Tony goes into more detail about. Catch your breath, work on your dharana, and have fun!