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A Level 2, 40-minute class from Shayna that focuses on basic movements as well as balancing poses and a sense of well-roundedness, this session allows you to get “everything you need” in a short amount of time. Its concentration on basic poses makes it ideal for yoga “newbies.”

Beautifully sequenced to include a thorough warm-up before moving into standing and balancing poses, this basic class also includes a nice cool down section. A Vinyasa-style class, breathing is naturally a huge part of the session, as the melding of the mind with the breath is a staple of Vinyasa practice.

Take some much-needed time for yourself and feel refreshed, focused, and calm, yet energized at the same time. Shayna starts the yoga class with Hero’s Pose, and encourages practitioners to use yoga blocks if needed to put less pressure on the quads and knee joints. Lengthen the spine, feel the energy in the body, and go from there!