Forward Bending Flow

Kyle Miller

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A Level 1/2, 40­-minute class led by Kyle Miller, Forward Bending Flow is a yoga class designed to relieve pain and tension in the lower back while lengthening the hamstrings. Focus is on basic movement, stress relief, lower back alignment, the hamstrings, and general well­ roundedness.

Build heat as you work and learn about the anatomy and the mechanics of forward bending! A Vinyasa flow class, you’ll free up the pelvis while bringing length to the back of the body. This class is ideal for those with alignment issues in the back, as yoga builds strength in specific muscles and muscle groups. While assorted postures build back strength, they are in no way uncomfortable. The stretching and relaxation this and all yoga classes bring to the muscles is one of the many reasons practice remains so popular.

Join Kyle on this 40 ­minute journey that brings relief from lower back pain and teaches you new yoga postures!