Get Twisted

Andrea Jensen

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This Andrea Jensen-led class is a 30 minute, Level 1/2 option that’s both short and fun. A Vinyasa-style class, focus is on the shoulders and core as well as balancing poses and twists.

The yoga class prepares you for moving into Garudasana, also known as Eagle Pose. In the Sanskrit language, the word Garuda is the name of the huge, white-headed mythical bird who served as Lord Vishnu’s transportation of choice. The bird is also the destroyer of Nagas, or mythical serpents representing inferior, dark, destructive forces.

A yoga pose designed to strengthen balancing posture while stretching the shoulders, hips, back, calves, and ankles, it also squeezes the lymph nodes in the groin and under the arms. This squeezing gives the immune system a nice boost. And while it looks like a complicated standing pose, under proper instruction it is easier to melt into thank you might think.

Enjoy getting healthy, strong, and flexible through this fantastic class! Have fun!