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by Andrea Jensen   -  

 Level: 3     
  Duration: 40min    


Ahh, of the more challenging yoga poses, this Level 3, 40­minute class is designed to open your body for the posture. Lead by Andrea Jensen, the Power­ Vinyasa class focuses on the hips, core, shoulders, and hamstrings while also promoting arm balance and strength.

Grasshopper is a difficult posture resembling those crazy contortions break dancers find themselves in. It takes time to perfect, but is considered a powerful pose guaranteed to amp up your practice. It offers the benefits of yoga twists while seriously working on balance and arm strength. Use it to add considerable power to your upper body while simultaneously cleansing the organs and gaining an incredible sense of balance.

Remember, this is a Level 3 class! It is recommended that you do not attempt Grasshopper until well into your practice and you know it’s the right time to try it. If it is the right time, get ready to have some serious fun with Andrea!

 Style: Vinyasa, Power        
 Focus: Hamstrings, Hips, Arm Balancing, Shoulders, Core, Strength

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