Happy Hamstrings

Tony Giuliano

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A fantastic warmup class that takes you on a “hamstring journey,” teacher Tony Giuliano moves the class along at a nice pace and encourages everyone to laugh and have a good time. A Hatha­ style class focusing on increasing strength and power in the hamstrings, it also increases strength in the body as a whole.

Tony likens the hamstrings to the roots of trees, as they draw energy up and through the body while also “shooting you back down into the earth.” He also encourages his practitioners to notice areas of tightness and tension in the legs, and to breathe through said tension. A Level 2, 30­minute class, it reaches its apex with Hanumanasana and vasisthasana. Hanumanasana, or Monkey Pose, pushes one leg forward and one leg backwards until a splits position is formed. Vasisthasana, or Side Plank Pose, is exactly how it sounds, with this yoga class taking the posture to its more advanced level, or one leg extended in the air.