Heart Opening

Andrea Jensen

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Open your heart! Heart Opening is Level 1+, 20­minute class led by Andrea Jensen, and focuses on the shoulders as well as backbends, stress relief, and of course the opening of the heart. A Vinyasa­ style class, you’ll move through a sequence of shoulder and heart “openers.”

Because the yoga class is “short and sweet,” you can enjoy working on heart health without sacrificing a ton of time. Andrea especially recommends the class for people with bad posture, hunched shoulders, and those who sit at a computer all day long. Use a block if you wish, and start the practice on your back. Andrea takes a minute to explain how to use the block in this session should you decide you require one.

Take a mere 20 minutes out of your day and enjoy releasing pent­ up energy and tension from your shoulders...your heart...your mind...and the rest of your body.