Shayna Hiller

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Join Shayna for this Inversions class and enjoy spending a good chunk of the 20 minutes upside down! A Level 3 class, it goes beyond traditional inversions to include basic leg and arm variations as well as therapeutic postures.

Therapeutic postures include Shirshasana A, B, and C, handstand, forearm stand, tripod headstand, and shoulder stand with lotus variation. ‘Shirshasana,’ or supported handstand, requires complete inversion, with the body held upright by the forearms. The head rests lightly on the mat, and a number of other yoga poses are used to build the upper body strength and balance performing Shirshasana correctly requires.

As with other inversions, Shirshasana dramatically increases blood flow to the head, thus improving memory and other brain functions. It also supports elimination of metabolic/cellular waste, which occurs any time the legs are held over the heart. Enjoy this short yet highly-energizing class guaranteed to get your circulation going!