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Jump for Joy

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by Kyle Miller   -  

 Level: 2+      
  Duration: 20min    


Lighten up with this Level 2+, 20­minute class by Kyle Miller! A power­packed, Vinyasa flow yoga class that aerates the muscles and builds serious heat, being “playful” is definitely encouraged in this class.
Ideal if feeling “dense, heavy, and dark,” Kyle wants everyone to laugh and “create joy” as she gets practitioners jumping into handstand. You’ll start with Mountain Pose and some intense breathing before moving into various extensions and retractions.

Kyle recommends looking up, as it’s “more joyous” than looking down. Sweat it out in this session as you work your way up to handstand. A more challenging class, it’s still a great option for beginner yogis, though performing a modified handstand is recommended unless already highly skilled at this pose.

Enjoy this sweat­tastic, fast­paced class with Kyle in the morning to get your energy up for the day, or in the evening after facing a challenging time at work, at home...or anywhere else!

 Level: 2+      
 Duration: 20 min       
 Style: Vinyasa       
 Focus: Well-Rounded

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