Morning Wake Up Flow

Kyle Miller

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A 30 ­minute, Level 1/2 yoga class led by Kyle Miller, Morning Wake Up Flow is an ideal option for getting you up and moving after the sun rises. The combination of dynamic sequencing and deep breathing gets the blood pumping and the energy flowing, leaving you balanced, peaceful, energized, and ready to start your day.

This Hatha and Vinyasa­ style class doesn’t have to be enjoyed in the morning to be effective, as it provides an energizing boost any time of day. A mere half hour with Kyle is all you need to increase circulation, which subsequently promotes organ function, cell growth, healthy skin, and lower blood pressure. A perfect class for diabetics who must constantly monitor their blood circulation, you’ll look and feel healthier if you take this class regularly!

Join Kyle on this quick yet highly ­effective yoga journey and enjoy taking on the day with renewed vigor and peace of mind.