Open Heart Flow

Kyle Miller

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Say byebye to stress and tension! Open your shoulders and chest with this dynamic class led by Yoga Collective’s own Kyle Miller. A 60­ minute, Level 2 complete practice based around Vinyasa and Hatha movements, Kyle starts with breathing exercises designed to release daily stress and fill the lungs and rib cage with air.

Focusing on backbends, shoulders, stress relief, and the opening of the heart, this class’s “peak pose” is Pincha Mayurasana. Also known as Feathered Peacock Pose, Pincha Mayurasana is a challenging posture requiring complete awareness, power, patience, and balance. An inversion pose that puts no pressure on the head yet provides all the benefits of being upside down, Pincha Mayurasana is all about distributing energy from the forearms to the legs.

This builds up strength in the shoulders, back, and arms while calming the mind via an increase of blood and “prana,” or “life force".  Enjoy this challenging hour­ long yoga class!