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Open Heart

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by Shayna Hiller   -  

 Level: 3      
  Duration: 40min    


A Level 3, 40-minute class from Shayna Hiller, Open Heart is an advanced flow option focusing on backbends and overall strength. Get ready to step out of your comfort zone and seriously sweat while enjoying this Vinyasa-style class.

Flow from one yoga posture to the next, such as press handstands with backbending variations as well as arm balance transitions that melt into active inversions. Handstands and similar movements get the blood flowing and subsequently contribute greatly to circulation, and the session’s healing cooldown session ensures muscles don’t get tight once the 40 minutes are up.

Join Shayna and get ready to challenge yourself! You’ll laugh, you’ll fall, and you’ll have a great time, all while advancing your practice and taking those next steps into perfecting your handstands. Start on your back with knees bent and focus on breath quality, and take a moment to thank yourself for finding the time you need to care for your body and mind.

 Style: Vinyasa     
Backbends, Strength

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