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Remembrance Practice

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by Tony Giuliano  -

 Level: 2       
 Duration: 40 min      


Follow Yoga Collective teacher Tony Giuliano through this Level 2, 40­minute Remembrance yoga class! A Hatha­style class that focuses on alignment, connecting to breathwork, and bringing awareness back to the present moment, the class is designed to inspire both on and off the mat.

After a few minutes of focused breathing, Tony and his small class go into Tabletop before moving into Downward­Facing Dog, the latter of which he returns to frequently. Tony then instructs practitioners to transition into more advanced postures “right off the bat” so as to put pressure on the body while simultaneously counteracting this stress with breathwork. Yoga poses include Warrior, Plank, Warrior II, Triangle Pose, and many more, all while “getting all the pieces together” and remembering to breathe.

A well­rounded class ideal for advanced practitioners looking to focus on breathwork and perfect more challenging postures, Tony encourages practitioners to smile between and during each pose! Enjoy this class as a reminder to live in the now and breathe in addition to reaping the physical benefits.

 Style: Hatha       
 Focus:  Alignment. Well rounded 

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