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Strong Open Shoulders

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by Steve Jones   -

 Level: 2     
  Duration: 60min    


Feel an intense desire to work on your lower body? Do you carry a lot of tension in the area? If either or both of these are true, you’ll adore Strong Open Shoulders from Steve Jones. A Level 2, 60­minute yoga class focusing on the shoulders as well as strength training and heart opening, this well­rounded session is in the Vinyasa style.

Follow Steve through a series of movements designed to open the hips, quads, and hamstrings. Spend the first few minutes in a cross­legged position while taking deep, cleansing breaths. Steve emphasizes “working out the kinks in the breath” before working out the kinks in the body.

Once you’re fully relaxed you’ll move on more complicated postures guaranteed to leave you feeling energized yet relaxed, as well as flexible! Flexibility is a key to maintaining a youthful body, so take the next hour to work on your stretching as well as your mind­body connection.

 Style: Vinyasa       
 Focus: shoulders, strength, heart opening

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