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Sun Salutes

by Steve Jones   

 Level: 1+     
  Duration: 20min    


Got 20 minutes? Spend them working on Sun Salutation yoga postures! Sun Salutes is a short, Level 1+ yoga class focusing on basic yoga movements as well as alignment. Led by Steve Jones, the class is all about breaking down Sun Salutations A and B. Class style is Vinyasa. Sun Salutation A, or Surya Namaskara A, promotes strength, flexibility, and that oh­so important connection to the breath while also creating heat in the body. An excellent way warm up for deeper, even more complicated poses, it is recommended you practice the Sun Salutation A series at least once before moving on to Sun Salutation B.

The “B” postures, or Surya Namaskar B, is another series of poses that create heat while connecting the mind with the breath. As with the “A” series, Sun Salutation B is a path to increased strength and flexibility. Join Steve for this quick yet highly­ effective class and get your “om” on! 

 Style: Vinyasa       
 Focus: Alignment, Basics

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