Byron De Marse


Byron taught for many years at the world-renowned Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga studio in Santa Monica, California. He accumulated the bulk of his over 10,000 hours of teaching experience there.

Born and raised on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, Byron was raised to believe that simplicity is a key component of happiness. It was instilled from an early age the benefits of hard work and discipline.

After losing his father at 17 and experiencing a traumatic spiral of events through his adolescent years, Byron turned to yoga. As a former athlete, yoga immediately spoke to Byron’s physical nature.

And as a boy who was raised in a small town, yoga confronted deep mental conditioning. Yet somehow the practice felt familiar. Like he was home. Yoga became his church, his therapy, his gym, and his home away from home.

During practice Byron found himself confronting fears, connecting with truth, and prioritizing his life purpose. Inwardly, he was in constant negotiation of how free he wanted to be. His mind was becoming more resilient, his body more adaptable, and his heart primed for a perpetual rebirthing.

He was quickly waking up and the call to help others was louder than every distraction. It was his time to share the miracle of yoga and to do it in a way that optimizes and speaks to our full human potential. In his classes, he began to structure his sentences and design sequences carefully and compassionately.

He knew that if he could tap into a person’s desire to turn their mind off long enough for the yoga to work then it might change their life.

Byron’s guidance has developed into a method of precision cueing and verbal support that encourages people to explore their edges while connecting to one's heart.

His classes are creative emanations of his journey on this planet cultivated from rich life experiences. They are designed to lift you up and trust life.