Helene Sandi

Helene Sandi is a yoga teacher and womens wellness mentor based in Bali, Indonesia. She is passionate about helping women to connect back to the intuitive wisdom of their bodies, trust themselves, and find full harmony and balance in their being. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022, her life took a new turn, where she re evaluated her lifestyle and made even more dramatic changes. She realized that if she wanted to truly be the ambassador of her own health then she would require more discipline and determination. She flew to India, participated in a Panchakarma and studied Ayurveda. She now incorporates Ayurvedic teachings and lifestyle into her practice as it drastically shifted her health from a place of uncertainty to knowing what is needed to thrive. This is what she strives to empower in her students and clients, to know their bodies, to connect back to ancient wisdom systems and to find the devotion within themselves to make changes that will give long term solutions and vibrant health.

Helene is eternally grateful to the wisdoms of Yoga and Ayurveda and it is her life mission and greatest joy to share this practice with others.