Krystina Holbrook

Krystina grew up in Northern California and at the age of 18 she began traveling around the globe. She lived in places like South Africa, Europe, New York, and Bali. She currently is based in Los Angeles.

She started practicing yoga as an exploration of alternative and deeper healing. It was a spiritual path from the beginning and has been a guiding light for her ever since. She is a firm believer in Yoga as a way of life! And after 6+ years of dedicated and continued self work, she has seen all aspects of her life transform.

Krystina studied and received her 200hr certification in Bali. She now currently teaches a handful of public classes, and has created a monthly charity outreach program to help share what we cultivate on our mats out in the world. She continues to study with her mentors and deep her teachings and personal practice.

Her classes are powerful and dynamic, yet meditative and grounding. She builds off the foundation of the breath and incorporates safe sequencing infused with creativity and spirituality. There are strong holds, offering of modifications, and deep stretching. Krystina emphasizes using the practice as a tool to open up the heart and dive into spiritual exploration.