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The Quicky

by Kyle Miller   –  

 Level: 1+      
  Duration: 20min    


Only have 20 minutes for yoga practice? The Quicky is your perfect option! Led by Kyle Miller, this 20­minute, Level 1+ class is hailed as “vinyasa at its finest.” A dynamic series of movements, you’ll feel refreshed and balanced once the 20 minutes are over.

Kyle wastes no time with this class, and jumps right into some deep breathing before instructing practitioners into Plank Pose. She encourages everyone to let all stress and tension go, and to concentrate on breathwork, spine elongation, and overall wellness.
“Inhale you receive, exhale you give back,” says Kyle as she works you through Downward­Facing Dog, folds, planks, Chair Pose, Cobra Pose, Mountain Pose, and much more. She even offers some fun and “funky” movements that help provide awareness of the lower stomach.

A fast­ paced yoga class that keeps you moving throughout, breathe your way through this option from The Yoga Collective and finish feeling energized yet calm, peaceful, and mindful of the breath.

 Level: 1+      
 Duration: 20 min       
 Style: Vinyasa       
 Focus: Well-Rounded

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