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by Shayna HIller   -  

 Level: 2      
  Duration: 30min    


A basic, highly-invigorating Vinyasa-style yoga class by Shayna Hiller, you’ll get everything you need in 30 minutes with this option. Designed for beginner to intermediate yoga practitioners, focus is on the core as well as balancing poses, detoxification, and twists. Sequenced to include a nice warm-up and cool-down in addition to a number of standing and balancing postures, the class starts in Child’s Pose.

Twist postures are an ideal way to ensure bodily health, as they “wring out” the organs, thus encouraging detoxification. When you twist you cut off blood supply to the abdominal organs, and subsequently introduce fresh blood to these organs when the twist is released. This cleanses the cells as well. Ideal for those who have dealt with a fair amount of digestive upset in their lives, twist poses also help maintain normal spinal rotation, reduce back pain, and contribute to an overall reduction in stress.

Join Shayna and enjoy this basic yoga class!

 Style: Vinyasa     
 Focus: Twists, Detox, Core, Balancing Poses

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