Vinyasa Core Flow #3


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The third in a series of three classes designed to immerse you in a creative flow sequence emphasizing core strength, this 30-minute, Level 2+ class is in the Vinyasa style. Led by Anaswara, focus is on the core and upper body as well as cardio, strength, balancing poses, super sweaty flow, and well-roundedness.

Core strength is essential to many yoga poses, especially advanced postures. Anaswara gets participates moving into and out of poses quickly, as she notes there’s only 30 minutes to the session. Begin in Downward-Facing Dog as you relax the face and the rest of the body while focusing on breathwork. Anaswara then has everyone move into Plank Pose, which indicates that the class is definitely a Level 2/3!

Enjoy challenging yourself as you work your way through a variety of poses. The perfect yoga class for those ready to advance their practice, find something new and different in this session each time you do it.