Vinyasa Flow With a Twist

Lauren Eckstrom

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Bring energy and fire to your day! Take 30 minutes for Vinyasa Flow with a Twist, a Level 2/3 class led by Lauren. A Power ­Vinyasa yoga class, you’ll focus on cardio training as well as arm balances, twists, and super sweaty flow. The peak pose for this class is Side Crow, or Parsva Bakasana. Also known as Side Crane Pose, you’ll perfect your arm balance while strengthening the wrist, abs, and forearms. A challenging posture, it’s impossible not to see a dramatic difference in your balancing abilities with regular practice!

A short and sweet session ideal for the morning or any other time you need energy, you’ll start class on your back and move into some quick core work designed to make you feel that blissful burn.

Build fire from the start with this class and let go of any stress and worry that’s dragging you down. Have fun!