Yoga For Strength

Lauren Eckstrom

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A rigorous Level 2, Power Yoga class that takes only 40 minutes out of your day, Yoga For Strength is all about creating heat. Focus is on strengthening the body, particularly the upper body, as well as cardio and super sweaty flow.

Create agni, or internal fire, as you follow Lauren's instructions and sweat your way from one posture to the next. Power Yoga is a more fitness-based version of traditional practice, and originated from Western instructors wishing to make Ashtanga yoga more appealing to their students. It is designed to increase metabolic rate while also improving calorie-burning ability and reducing body fat. And as with any form of yoga, Power Yoga relaxes the body and reduces stress.

Join Lauren on this 40-minute journey and transform weakness into strength, atrophy to energy, and darkness to light. Sweat out toxins, release built-up tension, and enjoy feeling relaxed, refreshed, and rejuvenated!