February 20, 2019 by Guest Blogger

Yoga has become a well-known practice that helps us connect with our mind, body, and soul. Whether it’s a mental, physical, or spiritual bond, yoga works in different ways to improve and enhance our overall health and well-being. But, did you know about the benefits yoga offers for your appearance?

Through every graceful movement and each deep breath, your body is profiting from yoga no matter what. Explore how yoga can boost your self-esteem and see which areas of your physique will benefit from a consistent practice.

Radiate Your Skin

Feeling confident in your own skin is often the most important factor for achieving self-love and happiness. We all want to live with flawless, natural skin– but how? We know a deep-cleansing facial could clear out our pores and a hydrating lotion can nourish our face, but these are generally just a temporary enhancement.

Although these types of beauty treatments and products can help you take care of your skin on a day to day basis, have you ever considered yoga as a method of rejuvenating your skin? The mental, physical, and emotional balance your body manifests through yoga can naturally illuminate your skin.

Practicing yoga can help stimulate your circulatory system which helps eliminate toxins in your body. As these toxins leave your body, your ability to control each movement and breath helps tighten your skin and relax your face to reduce any wrinkles or lines. After your first yoga class, you’ll instantly notice your skin radiating with a more natural, invigorating glow.

Lift Your Smile

Most people appreciate yoga for its relaxing and peaceful benefits as you work to balance your body and calm your mind. Stress is one big emotional and physical strain that we experience every day and it can surprisingly have major effects on your appearance.

When we’re stressed we feel moody, nervous, or simply just unhappy. Yoga can actually help calm our emotions when we’re feeling stressed and will relieve any tension within our body. By alleviating stress, yoga actually encourages us to smile more which encourages a positive attitude.

Both yoga and the simple act of smiling conjointly work to reduce stress. Lower stress levels make us feel happier and help others see us as friendlier and more approachable. If you’re discouraged to smile, even after a renewing yoga session, discovering remedies and treatments that encourage you to smile can make a night and day difference in your overall appearance.

Tone Your Body

A significant benefit many people enjoy from yoga is how it can strengthen your muscles and tone your physical appearance. Most people believe yoga to be a very tranquil workout that simply stretches your body and relaxes your muscles. Although it is known as one of the most relaxing exercises, yoga can greatly help tone your body and boost your physique.

Yoga sculpts your body in a way that basic weight training or cardio workouts don’t always achieve. The different postures and movements in yoga that our body generally aren’t use to increases our strength and builds muscle in various ways. Through a wide range of motions, our muscles are supporting our weight as we discover ways to balance and hold our bodies.

Over time, you will begin to see valuable changes in your body that you would never expect from yoga and you’ll become more impressed with the improvements to your physical image.

Slow Down Your Aging

Don’t we all want to stay youthful for as long as possible? Being young is always an exciting time that we all endlessly enjoy and never want to let go of. Well, what if we could appear younger naturally, without any help from a cosmetic doctor?

Yoga is a form of meditation which has been found to produce and release hormones in our body including DHEA, cortisol, and melatonin which relate to longevity, stress, and improved well-being.

  • DHEA is an anti-aging hormone that is produced less as we age
  • Cortisol is known as the stress hormone that can increase as we get older
  • Melatonin is a chemical released that helps us receive quality sleep

The combination of these three hormones can positively impact our bodies when we meditate and practice yoga. Our bodies will naturally produce and release these hormones, creating a more youthful appearance and contributing to a longer life span.

Whether you’re an expert yogi or a novice in yoga and meditation, uncover the natural ways yoga can enhance your appearance. Learning a new pose or practicing your breathing patterns consistently can remarkably contribute to improved looks and boost your confidence and health. Ready to try it for yourself? Come in for a revitalizing transformation today!

Author: Jenna Toppin