Free Yoga Poses & Position Instruactions for Beginners & Advanced Students | The Yoga Collective

Downward ­Facing Dog, Chair Pose, Eagle Pose, Child’s Pose….whether you’re new to yoga and have no idea what these terms mean or are an experienced yogi looking to focus on form, our pose videos are just what you require! Each two to three­ minute video features one of our knowledgeable yoga teachers will talk a Yoga Collective member through the designated pose, speaking slowly and clearly so you may take each step with total confidence.

Learning how to correctly bend and twist into yoga’s most famous poses is a key part of practice, as you’ll know what the teacher means when instructed to go into Facing Dog from Cobra, or move into Crescent Prayer Twist. Poses are the foundation of learning yoga, and learning how to move from one to the next correctly and safely is imperative to healthy practice.

Utilize these easy­ to­ understand videos before delving into our online yoga classes library, or to perfect a pose you’ve been working on for some time. Whatever your reason for visiting our Poses section, remember, as always, to breathe!

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