December 18, 2019 by Guest Blogger

When preparing for the holidays, it can be all too easy to succumb to that overwhelming feeling of stress. While we will never overcome stress all together, we can most definitely learn to manage it. Becoming aware of the possibility that this might happen is a great step in overcoming these feelings! There are many ways we can tackle this holiday season to ensure to keep it a peaceful and pleasant time of year.

“Stay Healthy”

Exercise can actually improve your cognitive health. Developing your physical health will simultaneously lead to bettering your mental health as well. Our busy schedules tend to eliminate exercise as a viable option, however it is crucial to set aside time within each week to get active. It can be as small as a 20 minute walk or a few yoga stretches to start your day off. Whatever it is, do something to get your heart beating a little faster. Paired with exercising, plan to improve your diet as well. What we eat directly impacts how we feel. The holidays are full of cookies, cakes and pies, so it’s easy to slip into a habit of constantly eating food that isn’t the best for our bodies around this time of year. While it is OK to indulge every once in a while, try to focus on healthier options.

“Set A Budget

Money is one thing that never fails to cause us stress, and we can’t seem to avoid it over the holidays! Laying out a budget will give you a set structure to follow throughout the season. It may even set you up in a better financial position for the New Year. To keep yourself on track, find ways to save money throughout your day to day. With your indoor Christmas decorations, try shopping after the holidays are completed and save them for the following year! Typically, this is when a lot of the sales hit the stores! It also may be necessary to rein in other spending over the next few weeks to compensate for your increased gift, food, and activity spending!

“Pay Attention To Your Wellbeing”

Year after year, the focus on our wellbeing goes by the wayside. Typically we have tunnel vision on what needs to be accomplished and our self care is consistently ignored. It is crucial to make an effort to not ignore this. Something as small as incorporating aself care aspect to your morning routine can recharge your mental health. Sleep is also something that gets compromised during the holiday season, yet is detrimental to our wellbeing. While there can be a number of reasons you may not be getting an appropriate amount of sleep, there is an abundance of tips for better rest. Find what works for you and challenge yourself to the recommended seven or eight hours of sleep each night.

“Keep A Sense Of Humor”

The ability to laugh it off will come in handy when gearing up for the winter season. Most of the time, mistakes are out of your control. No matter how much you’ve done to prevent something, sometimes life just happens! Start by taking a step back, and giving yourself a chance to breathe. Watch funny Christmas movies in between tasks on your to-do list. Surround yourself with uplifting, content people, and their mood will filter into your own life. Normalizing your experiences through humor is a great way to become resilient to incoming stress. 

“It’s Ok To Say No”

Inevitably, the holidays come with numerous parties and get togethers to attend. It starts with Friendsgiving and lasts all the way to a NYE Celebration. Trying to split our time between friends and family may begin to add unnecessary pressure to holiday planning and create a weight on us. This year, it’s important to understand that it’s okay to say no. Look at your schedule, and see if it is even practical for you to take on another event. If you have previously committed to something else, let them know! Your loved ones will understand. Even if you have nothing else going on, yet are feeling under the weather, don’t push yourself. There is nothing worse than being sick during Christmastime. Focus on your health first and get yourself to a 100%.

This holiday will be the best one yet! Taking steps to actively combat your anxious feelings will allow you to enjoy time with your loved ones.