January 1, 2019 by Sonia Ribas

Personal, open letter to my friends at The Yoga Collective.

Dear Yogis,

Let me start by wishing you the most wonderful year ahead. But not in the standard way. This year, I don’t wish your dreams and resolutions to become true… I have a different intention for us all.

During my holiday reflection time, I have been resonating with an old, powerful quote: “Never let the things you want make you forget the things you have”. I think this quote is especially relevant now, when society expects us to come up with new resolutions on things we DON’T HAVE yet we WANT to achieve in the new year… well, my friends, I personally think this is dangerous. Focusing on things we want might be stimulating and set us in the right direction in order to meet certain goals, but we need to be careful, as it might make us take for granted what we actually have and create chronic dissatisfaction.  Instead, if we focus on what we do have and be grateful for it, we will most likely be present, grounded, fulfilled and a lot happier.

The idea is… instead of focusing on “the grass is always greener somewhere else”… let’s focus on watering our grass, appreciating it and loving it. It will naturally be greener, radiant and beautiful.

So, here’s my no-resolution for 2019: don’t look for what you want, don’t try to fill up a void. Rather, focus on what you already have. Honor it, cherish it, love it. Let it shine.

With love and presence,

Sonia Ribas

P.S.- Let’s connect! Please find me @soniaribascoach and share your ways to stay present and loving this year.

Sonia Ribas

Sonia is a health coach, yoga teacher, prenatal specialist and a mother of 3. Learn more about Sonia by visiting her website and Instagram account.