June 27, 2018 by Yoga Collective

Congratulations! After many years of hearing about the many benefits of yoga, you’ve finally decided to give it a try… but where do you start? You feel overwhelmed with the thousands of yoga styles, different teachers, studios… where do you go, what do you do?

“Here are my top 5 tips for new yogis”


Pick a yoga style to start with. I often use the analogy between yoga and food: there are as many yoga styles as food types. Sushi is different than pasta and it’s different than curry or tacos or raw vegetables, right? It’s the same with the different yoga styles. Do some research and ask yourself what benefits you want to get: do you want a workout or some quiet, relaxing time? Do you want to improve your flexibility? Do you want to lose weight? Do you have injuries that prevent you from doing certain movements? Do you want to develop your concentration and focus? Do you want to deepen your spiritual insight? Different yoga styles will give you different benefits.


Decide if you want to practice at a studio, with other people around you, or in the privacy of your own home. Some of us get motivated by group energy and some prefer to be in a private, secluded setting.


Find a nice teacher. Find someone local who you can connect with. Introduce yourself and let them know it’s your first day, so they can give you some extra care. If you’re practicing online, read through the teacher’ bios and check the first seconds of some beginner videos. Like the vibe? Dive in!


Yoga is a practice: don’t get competitive with yourself or others. Practice is practice. Allow your body to learn slowly… listen to it, respect its boundaries and play with it, gently. Set small, attainable goals. Allow yourself to feel instead of think. Breathe, meet your body where it’s at. If you like what you’re feeling, keep going. If you have a strong rejection, find another class or teacher. Sooner or later, you’ll find the right match for you.


I would recommend a practice of at least 2x per week to start building some momentum and allow your body and mind to get into it. Listen to your body and adjust the frequency accordingly.

So, you’re all set. Get a nice yoga mat, comfy clothes… and go!
Have questions? Get in touch and we’ll be glad to help!