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Boat Pose – Navasana

Pose Summary

Boat Pose or Navasana is one of the best core strengthening postures in yoga. The trick here is to find your edge without compromising the length of the spine. The moment you notice your lower back rounding come back to a long and strong spine!

Yoga Collective - Boat Pose – Navasana


Step 1

Come to seated with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Bring the arms alongside the body and the hands to rest beside your hips.

Step 2

Root down through the sit bones. Grab behind the knees and lengthen the spine. Neck is aligned with the spine. 

Step 3

Lean back gently and lift your feet off the earth until the shins are parallel with the earth. 

Step 4

Release the backs of the knees, if this is accessible to you, and extend the arms straight out in front of you with the palms facing one another. Plug the arm bones into their sockets. Fingertips should be actively reaching forward. 

Step 5

Lift the chest. Draw the shoulder blades down the back as you lengthen the space between your shoulders and your ears. Engage the belly gently.

Step 6

Balance on your Sitz bones as you make sure not to dump into the low back. Keep the spine long and strong

Step 7

On an exhale you have the option to straighten the legs fully to create a V shape with your body (this is only for people with very flexible hips and hamstrings).  

*Modifications:  If you are unable to straighten the legs keep the knees bent and the shins parallel to the floor.

Step 8

Breath should be smooth and even flowing here. If you notice the breath getting shallow this is an indication that you should back off a bit. 

Step 9

To release, exhale and gently place the feet back on the earth as you bring your hands next to the hips 


  • Builds core strength 
  • Tones spine and hip flexors 
  • Stimulates digestive organs 
  • Regulates prostate and thyroid gland 
  • Promotes concentration and balance


  • Headache, low blood pressure, diarrhea
  • Heart problems or asthma should only practice half- boat