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Pose Summary

Dolphin plank pose is a strengthening posture for the shoulder and abdominal muscles. It is also a great alternative to plank pose for those who hav wrist injuries.

Yoga Collective - Dolphin Plank


Step 1

Start by lying flat on your belly with the legs extended out in back of you and arms alongside the body.

Step 2

Place the elbows on the earth in front of you. Elbows should be under your shoulders and shoulder distance apart. A great way to measure this is to bring opposite fingertips to opposite elbows. 

Step 3

Once you find the correct distance between the elbows extend the forearms straight out in front of you. They should be parallel to one another. Palms of the hands are flat on the ground, the fingers are spread wide with the middle finger pointing straight forward.

Step 4

Bring the gaze between you hands, lengthen the back of the neck and draw the bellybutton in and up towards the spine. 

Step 5

Tuck the toes and step the legs back, bringing the head and body into a straight and strong energetic line. 

Step 6

Don’t let the hips sink down towards the earth and don’t let the butt stick the butt up in the air.

Step 7

Engage your quads and rotate the inner thighs towards the sky as you lengthen the tailbone towards your heels.

Step 8

Broaden your collarbones and draw the shoulder blades down the back.

Step 9

Imagine you are dragging your elbows to your toes and your toes to your elbows.

Step 10

To release, lower gently down onto the belly, bring the arms alongside the body and turn the head to one side.


  • Strengthens the arms, legs, and core muscles
  • Increases bone density
  • Stretches the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, and feet
  • Regulates the nervous system  
  • Builds stamina, endurance, and concentration


  • Shoulder, back, arm and neck injury 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Inner ear or eye infections