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Eka Pada Koudinyasana 1

Pose Summary

Eka Pada Koudinyasana 1 (Pose Dedicated to the Sage Koundinya) is a twisted, split-legged arm balance that builds a strong core, shoulders and legs. This pose requires focus and concentration and boosts self-confidence when achieved.

Yoga Collective - Eka Pada Koudinyasana 1


Step 1

Start in Side crow pose with the left leg underneath the right resting on the right lower triceps. Your elbows are pulling into the midline so they don’t fall out to the sides, fingers wide gripping the mat.

Step 2

Straighten the left leg out to the side.

Step 3

Lift your right knee off the left and slowly start straightening the right leg out, up and back behind you. Your toes are now pointing in almost opposite directions. Core stays strong and elbows in a 90 degrees angle. Both shoulders should stay parallel to the floor so avoid one shoulder to drop down.

Step 4

Hold the pose for a few breaths.

Step 5

To get out of the pose return the right knee on top of the left. Bend the left leg and lower the feet back down to the floor. Change side. When done finish with resting in Child’s pose.


If you feel this pose in your wrists you can, to reduce pressure, roll up a mat and place the palm of the hands on the mat and the fingers on the floor.

If elbows fall out to the sides you can tighten a strap around your arms just over your elbows to keep them together.

If you fear of falling over place a pillow below your head.


  • Strengthens the arms, wrists, shoulders and abdominal muscles.
  • The twist helps improve spinal flexibility.
  • The abdominal organs are stimulated which improves digestion.
  • Improves balance, focus, body awareness and boosts self-confidence.


  • Avoid this pose if you have any wrist, elbow, or shoulder injuries.