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“I love The Yoga! It’s given me the freedom to practice with my favorite teachers anytime and anywhere!” – Ashley M.- Tuscon, AZ yoga classes

“I was always too nervous and never had the time to go regularly to my local yoga studio, however, I’m so glad I decided to become a member of The Yoga collective as I not only practice most mornings at my house, but I now feel healthier and happier than ever” – Tori L. – San Diego, CA

“I’m so excited! My favorite yoga studio in Los Angeles has transformed to my favorite Online Yoga Studio. Now I could take classes from my favorite instructors whenever I’m traveling the globe!” – Deedra R. – Los Angeles/Miami

“The Yoga Collective is more than just an online yoga studio, it is a real community with real connections and I”m so happy to be a part of it” – Ashley- Seattle, WA

I’ve been wanting to get into yoga for so long and always heard about all the health benefits, but with my busy life I never could make the time to get to a class. Well, problem solved! Now I could move my body and build strength and flexibility my child is napping. Zen mind here I come:)” – Candice- Washington D.C.

“I’m always on the go with my work. I’m continually traveling for meetings and attending conferences. I was starting to get fatigued and my body was easily sore and out of shape. I was at a loss for what to do until a friend told me about The Yoga Collective. Now I don’t go a day without tuning in and moving my body, even if it’s only for a quick 10 minute class. I am forever grateful. Big thanks to The Yoga Collective for helping me turn my life around!” – Sara G.- New York

“My mind was always on the run and I was looking for some meditation classes to take online. That’s when I came across The Yoga Collective. So far I’ve taken all of their meditation classes and I’m officially hooked. My mind is quieter and I’m less stressed and sleeping better.” – Alice T.- St. Louis, MO

“I love to sweat and build strength and go to the gym or run almost daily. I was looking for some good stretching classes to compliment my workout routine. I stumbled up The Yoga Collective and tried some of the Restorative and Yin Classes. My favorite is Yin Deep Stretch. It’s a 30-minute deep stretching class by Lauren Eckstrom. Can’t wait to try more!” – Chris G.- Austin, TX

“I love to flow and move my body. I love the style of some of the vinyasa flow classes on this site. My favorites are the 30 minutes Souldful Heart Opening Flow taught by Rachelle and the 20 minute Go With the Flow class by Mary Beth Larue. Try them both and I promise you will be blissed out!” – Carly R.- Chicago, IL

“Check out the Retreat page. It’s so tempting to take my vacation this year with one of my favorite Collective instructors. Or I might just take my vacation this year in Venice Beach and practice with them at their home studio!” – Karen W.- Minneapolis, MN

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