January 26, 2021 by Ammy Creamer

Yoga is a rewarding practice that allows you to form a deeper connection with your mind and your body, yet it can also be quite challenging. Outside factors like your clothing can seem miniscule at first but have the potential to throw off your entire session, impacting your motivation and in a sense, your health. The best way you can prepare yourself to have a successful yoga session, is by wearing the right attire. Transitioning from one pose to the next during your practice is hard enough without having to deal with uncomfortable leggings or overly constricting fabric, meaning what you wear is crucial to your overall success. While there’s no perfect formula that outlines the “best” yoga outfit, there are a few basic rules you can stick to that will hopefully improve your practice on the whole, along with your health!

1. Comfortable Tops

          First and foremost, what you wear on top should always be something you feel comfortable in. Though many yoga instructors opt to teach in only a sports bra, this is by no means a gold standard for those who enjoy the practice. Not everyone feels fully comfortable in a cropped top while they workout, and if this is the case for you, you’re not alone! Try to look for something that gives you room to breath, but isn’t baggy enough to get in the way of your poses. Affordable options like this relaxed cutout long sleeve offer some extra airflow as you move around, while still giving you the coverage you might need to feel confident. Any workout shirt that takes your attention away from your breathing during your yoga class is one you should probably get rid of. Don’t push the boundaries of what you feel good in if it has the potential to distract you, instead, always go for comfort on top over keeping up appearances.

2. Flexible Undergarments

          Yoga is an exercise that involves a significant amount of flexibility, meaning that your undergarments should be stretchable too. The last thing you want your mind to go to as you transition into downward dog is how constricting your underwear feels. To avoid such interruptions during your class, wear flexible underwear that molds to your body and moves with you throughout each pose. Malleable undergarments will keep you feeling your best where it matters most, giving you the security you need to really push yourself in your next session. Since your entire outfit relies on the foundation of your underwear, make sure you set the tone with intimates that provide enough elasticity to carry you through to your final resting pose of savasana.

3. Breathable Leggings

          Leggings have quickly become a staple of those who participate in regular yoga classes, and for good reason. They offer the perfect combination of flexibility and support, and they’re tight enough to not hold you back as you transition between different positions. That being said, there are certain kinds of leggings that are better for yoga than others. Leggings that offer breathable material stand out among the rest as the superior choice. If you want to avoid the feeling of being sticky at the end of your practice, consider investing in a pair of mesh leggings as these are specifically designed to to increase airflow and the release of body heat. Leggings like these are sure to make you feel at ease, giving you some extra motivation in the moments you might want to give up!     

4. Material You Love

          The final item you should consider as you curate your yoga outfits is the material you love most. From polyester to nylon or blends of both, look to the pieces you already own that make you feel your best, and build from there. Stretchy material that won’t instantly absorb moisture during a workout is the best place to start, however there are many different fabrics that meet this criteria. If you already know what kind of fabric makes you the most at ease, don’t stray from what works for you. Sticking to what you already know and love is the best way to ensure you’re putting yourself first during your yoga classes!

Whether you make time for yoga regularly or have picked it up as a hobby in the new year, be sure the clothes you’re wearing aren’t holding you back from your full potential. Put some thought into wearing pieces that make you feel your best no matter what pose you’re working on and you’re sure to have a more successful practice, and ultimately, a healthier lifestyle.