December 31, 2018 by Guest Blogger

Yoga, and specifically the more intensive styles of yoga like Vinyasa can help you burn up to 500 calories per hour, according to Open Fit. When combined with a healthy diet, regular yoga sessions can help you with weight loss. In fact, more people are embracing yoga as part of their workout routine due to the numerous health benefits it offers. The benefits include a more flexible body, stronger and toned core muscles, reduced stress levels, improved immune system and better mental health. According to experts, various active forms of yoga can also help you improve your overall wellness while helping you maintain your healthy weight.

Let’s look at some of the ways yoga is beneficial to weight management:

Yoga Helps Reduce Impulsive Eating

Many people are embracing the use of dietary supplements to help them lose weight and improve appetite. While this is good, ensuring that you’re taking safe dietary products is critical while ensuring that what you’re using is helping you maintain a healthy weight without overeating. One great way to help you control how you eat in a safer way is by using yoga. Research shows that yoga and meditation can reduce binge eating, leading to weight loss. Besides, before getting into any yoga session, trainers do advice their participants to avoid practicing yoga on a full stomach as it may affect your workout sessions. Lean eating, which means eating smaller healthy meals that include vegetables and fruits, lean meats and carbs are recommended for better yoga results.

Quality Sleep Leads to Weight Loss

With consistent yoga practice, it might be easier for you to get deep sleeping time. The total body-mind workout that combines stretching body poses with meditation and deep breathing ensures a more relaxed body feeling and better sleep. Quality sleep has often been associated with weight loss. A recent study of two groups of people conducted in early 2018 revealed that between them, people who practiced yoga and slept the minimum required eight hours lost more body fat than their peers who had a restricted sleeping time. Both groups consumed a limited amount of food during the trial period and from the results, the importance of quality sleep is crucial if you want to shed the extra weight.

Yoga Aids in Calorie Burning

Yoga isn’t considered to be an aerobic exercise, but certain types of yoga can engage your body physically more than others. The intense forms of yoga certainly can help prevent weight gain. Such types of intense physical yoga include Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and power yoga, and are offered in many yoga studios around. During the yoga practice, your body is always moving, and you get to burn more calories, tone your muscles, improve your immune system and metabolism. Therefore, from the findings, yoga is beneficial in heightening mindfulness, reducing stress and can be considered for people who want to maintain and lose extra weight.

Taking up yoga classes is one of the healthier choices you can consider adopting in reducing your weight. Along with practicing yoga, changing your lifestyle habits is one of the ways by which you can shed of the excess weight. You should also consider reducing your food intake and be aware of the adverse effects of overeating on your body weight.

Author: Jennifer Donald