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Finding Space

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by Andrea Jensen   -  

 Level: 1+      
  Duration: 60min    


It’s not uncommon for stress and tension to build and fester in the body considering the hectic world we live in and how crazy our schedules get. Such tension particularly flares up in the hips and shoulders. Rather than letting that tension “hang out” in the body, enjoy this 60-minute, Level 1+ class with Andrea Jensen.

A Vinyasa-style class focusing on stress relief and backbends as well as the shoulders and the heart, it is open to every level of practice. Melt from one movement into the next while opening the heart, shoulders, and hips. Strengthen and tone the body as you go.

Start on your back for this yoga class, and use a block if desired. Andrea has some of her practitioners working with the block and others without so those at home can select who to follow. A longer, more intense class ideal for those looking to be completely present with the breath, it’s hard not to feel amazing once the hour is up!

 Style: Vinyasa        
 Focus: Heart Opening, Shoulders, Backbends, Stress Relief

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