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Make Your Practice Your Battleground

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by Andrea Jensen   -  

 Level: 1+     
  Duration: 30min    


A short, sweet practice designed to confront your inner demons so you may come out the other side a stronger person, this Vinyasa-style class is led by Andrea Jensen. Focus is on the hips as well as stress relief, strength, basic movements, and relaxation.

The Level 1+, 30-minute class allows you to feel the strength and power flowing through you as you learn the versions of Warrior Pose. Also called Virabhadra’s Pose, three variations of this yoga pose exist, and while the ‘warrior’ title seems to contradict the peaceful nature of yoga, it actually refers to the spiritual warrior. This type of warrior battles self-ignorance, our universal enemy and ultimate source of suffering.

Strengthen your practice and your mind as you make your way through this class, which begins with Downward-Facing Dog. An ideal class for beginners, use it to advance your practice and learn everything you need to know about Warrior Pose!

 Style: Vinyasa        
 Focus: Stress Relief, Relaxation, Hips, Strength, Basics, Beginners

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