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Nadi Shodhana/Alternate Nostril Breathing

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by Kyle Miller    -  

 Level: 1      
 Duration: 10 min       


Looking to calm yourself, relax your nervous system, let go of built­ up stress and tension, and balance your energy? Nadi Shodhana/Alternate Nostril Breathing by Kyle Miller is the ideal yoga class for you. A 10­minute, Level 1 class dedicated to this powerful breathing technique, don’t fret if you’ve never breathed like this before, or even heard of alternate nostril breathing! A Pranayama­style class, learning this technique is an excellent way to deepen your practice.

Also called “sweet breath,” Nadi Shodhana refers to the channeling and cleansing of energy pathways that make up life force. This breathing technique not only calms the mind, it also promotes clear thinking and eradicates stress and anxiety. It is even believed to balance the right and left hemispheres.

Let Kyle guide you through this incredible technique you can take with you on the rest of your yoga journey! She makes the technique easy to understand and fun to learn. Namaste.

 Style: Pranayama, Quickies         
 Focus: Pranayama, Basics

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