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Andrea Jensen

“My classes involve fun sequencing and challenging postures. Expect to sweat and maybe fall a few times. I like to laugh, so expect some bad jokes and silliness. Remember, it’s just yoga. Let’s live lightly!”

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About Me:

Born and raised in Ventura, CA . Andrea found yoga in her early 20’s at a local gym. She completely fell for the practice the first time she rolled out her mat in a yoga studio. Yoga showed her that not being perfect is absolutely perfect. It’s not about how good you are or how strong your body is, its about letting go of thought and linking body, breath, and movement.
She decided she wanted to share this practice with everyone. She wanted to show people that yoga can change their lives. She completed a 320 hr ashtanga based training program in Goa, India and has never looked back.

  • 500 hour registered Yoga Teacher
  • Teaches full-time around the Los Angeles Area
  • Trained in both the States and India
  • Teaches in Venice at The Yoga Collective

 Q&A with Andrea Jensen:

Free Sample Videos

Out With The Old, In With The New

Downward Facing Dog

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