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“I teach a strong vinyasa style practice (called “Devi Flow”) with elements of dynamic heart opening movements. Together we will create harmony with the breath, beauty with movement; all the the sacred heartbeat within.”

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About Me:

Juju Namjai is a renaissance creatrix, mother, yoga teacher, artist, and siren-songwriter. Juju has been a student of yoga for 18 years. She has explored healing modalities ranging from raw foods, holistic nutrition, Ayurveda and was once the assistant editor for YogiTimes.

Through her eclectic personal journey she has evolved all these facets into Devi Flow. She believes yoga is for every body and that a regular yoga practice can tap into ones inner wellspring of wisdom, activate mini quantum shifts, and improve clarity into life’s greater mysteries. Among having a blessed healthy strong body from a regular practice and a centered mental landscape; she feels the greatest gift a yogi can offer the world is of solid trust in our creative human nature.

 Intro to Juju Namjai:

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