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“My classes are infused with intention, compassion and good old playfulness. I encourage and inspire people to take their yoga off the mat and into the world where it really counts”

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About Me:

Rachelle is a traveler and student of the world, forever learning, and embracing the flow of life. Rachelle’s mission is to imbue a sense of soulfulness in those around her, all the while challenging students physically. She believes that through moving the body in it’s physical form, one is able to get out of their head, which allows for the clearing of the mind. This clearing of the mind is what yoga is all about, and once this subtle shift occurs, there is more space for the real YOU to show up.

  • Teaches in Venice at The Yoga Collective
  • 500 hour registered Yoga Teacher
  • Leads Retreats around the World
  • Founder of “The Neshama Project”

 Q&A with Rachelle Tratt:

Free Sample Videos

Humble Warrior

Soulful Sweat Sesh

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