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Shayna Hiller

“Expect to sweat and strengthen your body and mind. My class is challenging, unique, yet relaxing and rejuvenating. I sequence my classes safely and creatively, so be prepared to expect the unexpected while remaining rooted in tradition.”

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About Me:

Shayna was born and raised in Jersey but always has been a California girl at heart! She started practicing yoga while studying abroad in Australia during college. She fell in love and ended up returning to the states and completed her first 200 hour teacher training on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Since then, she has almost ten years and 1,000 hours of professional yoga training. Yoga was and still is like a best friend- a reminder to be present and enjoy being in your body. It led her to self-love, strength, and the ability to create a life she loves. Sharing the gift of yoga and witnessing her students’ personal transformation, inside and out, is an honor and a privilege for her.

  • 500 hour registered Yoga Teacher
  • Leads Retreats Worldwide
  • Trained extensively in Costa Rica and NY
  • Teaches in Venice at The Yoga Collective

 Q&A with Shayna Hiller:

Free Sample Videos

Balancing Act

Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

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