Back To The Basics

Gigi Snyder

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The perfect class for “beginner yogis,” our Back to Basics option follows instructor Gigi Snyder as she guides a small yoga class through Sun Salute A. This Level 1, 60­ minute, Vinyasa flow class utilizes the yoga block and holds poses for longer durations, thus allowing you to settle into each posture in a calm, peaceful manner. Gigi starts the class with practitioners on their backs, and encourages everyone to fully relax while rolling thigh bones away from the hip sockets. She focuses on deep, long breaths that include brief pauses so the nervous system may fully relax before moving into yoga­ specific breath work.

Gigi also encourages practitioners to give an intention to the class or their day in general before going into a collective “Om.” Linking breath with movement is another focal point of the class, which Gigi touches on before instructing practitioners in a series of basic yet highly­ effective yoga postures centered around Sun Salute A.

Grab a block if you have one, and enjoy working with Gigi on basic movements!