Balancing Act

Shayna Hiller

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A Level 1/2, 60-minute class designed around traditional flow, you will focus on twists and backbends as well as balancing poses and well-roundedness in this session.

Join Shayna in this Vinyasa-style class and start in Hero’s Pose, or Virasana. Hero’s Pose stretches the knees, ankles, and thighs, strengthens the arches, and offers a variety of therapeutic benefits. These include a reduction in ankle swelling in pregnant women, as well as menopause symptom relief, digestion and gas relief, and improvement in high blood pressure and asthma symptoms.

Shayna asks the class to take a few moments to lift the spine and relax the shoulders while in Hero’s Pose, and to cultivate a sense of balance. A deepening of the breath is next, all while keeping the spine lifted and setting an intention to the practice. Shayna moves through a few more stretches before getting into peak postures.

Enjoy feeling re-energized, joyful, and re-grounded when the hour is up!